Mo Vaughn

Baseball Academy

Boca Raton’s youth baseball training center
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The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy

Located in Boca Raton, Florida

Founded by Mo Vaughn

During his 12-year career in Major League Baseball, Mo Vaughn was a three-time All Star Player and won the MVP Award in 1995 with the Boston Red Sox.  Inspired by coaching his young son Lee for the Boca Raton PawSox, Mo saw a need for younger kids to get coached. The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy in Boca Raton, Florida, offers professional-level coaching to younger children to help them achieve success in the game of baseball, as well as the game of life.

Elite Personal Coaching

The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy is unlike any other. We provide professional-level coaching, including retired Major League Baseball Players Mo Vaughn and Mike Easler. Contact us to schedule a private lesson with one of our instrcutors.

Hitting With Mike Easler

We offer the rare opportunity for your child to train with Mike Easler, the coach who transformed Mo Vaughn’s swing! Join our newsletter to stay informed when Mike comes to town and book 30-minute to 1-hour private sessions.

Indoor practice facilities

The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy’s indoor batting cages provide the atmosphere and proper setup that players need in order to perfect their swings. We provide a large indoor, cool and safe facility for kids to practice, and an area where parents can watch.

“I’m here to teach them much more about life than I am about baseball.” 

watch mo’s story of becoming a coach…


“My son was always a power hitter, but now he is a consistent power hitter! He’s learned to relax when he’s up at bat. He has also learned the proper stretching techniques when on first base that has helped him avoid injuries. Our lessons at the Academy has helped him mature not only as a player but as a person. He’s becoming a better communicator! I can now talk to him in the car instead of one word answers!”

Abby Beaulieu

Devoted PawSox Mom

“Our seven-year-old son is being coached by some of the best, nationally known former All-Star/MVP MLB Players. We are so fortunate to have the talent, experience and dedication given by our coaches daily that consistently instill passion, perseverance, knowledge and many more traits into these young players. We are learning what it takes to be successful in baseball while building a realm of togetherness for the kids and families involved.” Lauren Stelmacki

Area Catering & Sales Manager, Moe’s Southwest Grill