Our Story

Where it all began…

Inspired by coaching his young son Lee for the Boca Raton Paw Sox, Mo Vaughn saw a need for younger kids to get coached. He hopes The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy will help give young players the same opportunities he was granted to be able to achieve his successes in the game of baseball, as well as the game of life. The Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy will be a place where kids of all ages and expertise can come to practice baseball, join workshops and train with some of the most elite coaches in the country, including Mo Vaughn himself. Mo, aka “The Hit Dog”, is a former Major League Baseball player. During his 12-year career, he was a three-time All Star and won the MVP award in 1995 with the Boston Red Sox.

“you never want that feeling of stepping onto home plate hoping the pitcher wouldnt throw certain pitches that you can’t hit. I coach because I don’t want any players to experience that feeling ever.” 

Coach Mike Easler gave me the knowledge to walk to home plate with a plan and most of all the confidence that the man on the mound couldn’t get me out and if they did, they were going to know they were in for a battle of a lifetime.

– MO VAUGHN, #42